Having traded at 100s of markets and events meeting face to face with our customers from day one, we've got a really good grasp on the most common questions.


Is the Rebel Fudge Company Fudge Gluten Free?

Whilst we are not certified Gluten Free, and all fudge is made in an environment that contains gluten, the only two flavours in our range with gluten containing ingredients are Rocky Road and Buttery Biscoff.

We have a number of Celiac customers (and staff!) that enjoy our fudge regularly but we are not in a position to guarantee Gluten Free Status.


Is the Rebel Fudge Company Fudge Suitable for Vegetarians?

We only have one fudge in our range that is not suitable for vegetarians currently and that is Rocky Road due to the presence of traditional marshmallows, all other fudges in our range are vegetarian. We even have a Vegan range!


Is the Rebel Fudge Company Fudge Halal?

We only have a few fudges in our range that are not Halal, these are Rocky Road due to the presence of traditional marshmallows and therefore gelatine, Bailey's Irish Cream, Gin & Lime and Seasonal Christmas Cake Fudge due to the presence of Alcohol.


Can the Rebel Fudge Company make Diabetic Fudge?

Unfortunately not. Fudge is the result of a chemical reaction between sugar and fat, without the presence of sugar it would be impossible to make.


How much do the slabs weigh?

Each slab weighs at least 220g. However due to the hand made nature of the product they will vary in size, we find our average slab weight to be 250g with some being up to 280g.


How long does the fudge last?

Our traditional fudge range has a best before date of as least six months.

Our Vegan fudge range has a before before of at least three months.