How Our Associates Program Works

 The Rebel Fudge Company Associates Program

The Rebel Fudge Company Associate’s programme is hosted by ‘ShoutOut’ Global and integrated onto

Registered associates earn commission on every sale they make. There is no recruiting and no upline. You are your own boss and you alone oversee the money you make. You do not split or share your commission with anyone. In the future The Rebel Fudge Company may consider a Multi-Level Marketing Structure but for now the affiliate programme will be single layered.


Commission Structure
Commission rates automatically increase as your revenue increases. The more you sell the more you earn:

Every associate starts on the 15% commission level.

Upto £999.99 = 15% Commission

£1000 Revenue = 17% Commission

£2,000 Revenue = 20% Commission

£5,000 Revenue = 22% Commission

£10,000 Revenue = 25% Commission

You can keep track of your revenue and commission in the Dashboard area of your Associate Account.

Commission is paid at the very least once a month and is deposited via PayPal. You will need to have a PayPal account to become an affiliate.

There will likely be bonuses and other intensives for hitting targets as the program progresses. 

Using your link or referral code
Your unique referral link is available in the dashboard area of your associate account. You can personalise your link in the ‘settings’ area of your account.

Once a customer has made a purchase via the link or unique code you have provided to them, any future purchases they make will also earn your commission for upto 1 year even if they do not use your link. Once customers have purchased our Fudge they are likely to do so again for all sorts of occasions, currently our repeat customer rate is 7.5% in the first 3 months of sales alone, (April – Jun).

Hit the ground running

When you sign up to become a Rebel Fudge Company Associate, you will automatically be given a unique Discount code to pass onto potential customers. This code gives the customer 10% off their first order and of course earns you commission.
You can find your code at the bottom of the menu of your account titled =



Product Handing
There is no need for you to purchase and hold stock. All stock is held and shipped directly from The Rebel Fudge Company. Shipping is free within the UK.

You are not required to purchase our fudge to become a Rebel Fudge Company affiliate but we strongly recommend that you do so you can really experience the product for yourself, take pictures, videos and be able to really understand the full customer experience and of course, taste our Incredible fudge for yourself.


Once you have signed up as a Rebel Fudge Company Associate, please join the Facebook Group ‘Rebel Fudge Company Sellers’ for tips, news, new products,  advise and rewards programme information.  

You can also email

Branding, Images and Selling Points

In the Gallery area of your Associate account you will find a number of images and logo’s to use across your social media platforms to gain sales.


What makes The Rebel Fudge Company Fudge so special.

the Rebel Fudge company makes delicious small batch fudge in individually wrapped slabs like no other.

The fudge is made from fresh traditional ingredients and 'beaten' continuously during the cooking and cooling stages to form a light, moreish fudge like you will have never tasted before.


 With no flavourings used, not even 'natural' flavourings, incredible creations are made. From our Lemon Meringue Fudge Slab made with heaps of real lemon curd and meringue, our Salted Caramel Fudge Slab with spoonfuls of real salted caramel and our Maple & Pecan Fudge Slab with lashings of real Canadian Maple syrup, our creations are truly irresistible.


We only make our fudge slabs in small batches to ensure each bite combines the perfect balance of flavours, textures and toppings.


Environmentally Conscious

Every slab of fudge is individually wrapped in 100% biodegradable packaging. Absolutely no plastic is used, not even the tape on our postal boxes. We firmly believe that whilst plastic has it's place in the world, no business should be passing forward single use plastic onto customers.


Insurance, Safety & Credibility

The Rebel Fudge Company has full product liability insurance for selling products across the UK and Europe, as well as 3rd Party Liability insurance. 

The Rebel Fudge Company is inspected and registered with Stroud District Council as a food maker and has achieved 5 star status. 
We take our duty to the public very seriously and ensure that any members of staff involved in the production of our fudge (currently 2 members) hold a City & Guilds Certificate Level 2 in Food Hygiene as a minimum. 

The Rebel Fudge Company has been trading successfully since December 2018 at farmers markets,festivals and events across the South West of the UK. The online store has been running since 4 April 2020 and has already generated over 800 sales.