Our Story

Starting with a simple newspaper recipe cutting and a very patient Grandmother, Alicia first started making fudge way back in 2007 on weekends and school holidays and proudly dished out fudge made in her Grandmother’s kitchen to friends and family.

In the intervening years, studying and ‘serious’ careers got in the way but in 2018 the opportunity to arose to get the fudge back on the boil and by coincidence, after visiting a number of local food festivals, it was clear the great British public were being denied the ultimate traditional confection and so an idea was sparked and by Christmas 2018, The Rebel Fudge Company was born!

Trading at markets and food festivals across the South West the Rebel Fudge Company has now proudly served thousands of customers at events and online, with delicious buttery fudge, sold by the slab in our iconic vintage style plastic free packaging to preserve the creaminess and incredible flavour.

Where it all began, the above mentioned newspaper cutting recipe from 2007, found 15 years later, hidden in the pages of cook book after the death of Alicia's Grandmother in December 2021. 

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